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Mind Body Connection

We’ve all heard this term but have you ever stopped to really think about it? The other day I did :) maybe it was all those memes out there, but it got me thinking. Which comes first? Do you need to change your mindset first and then you will see changes in your body? Or should you start working out and then the endorphins and drop in cortisol levels start changing the way you think? Then it got me thinking about my martial arts practice and that of our students, adults and children. For us adults, I see that our mind gets in the way more often. Many times I hear from adults, “I need to lose some weight before I start” or “I’m too old to start”. But, for those adult students that do practice, they tell me how much not only did their physical attributes change but their outlook on life, work and family have changed all for the positive. They had to be in the right mindset to start and break out of their comfort zone. For the children I see the biggest changes in those that have low confidence, self esteem, ADHD, sensory or other issues that had their parents seek out martial arts. Children don’t have the built up stress or layers of guilt, defenses etc that adults have. They are more pure. As they start to learn to use their body their confidence builds. Once their confidence builds they are willing to try different things and they take pride in their accomplishments. They usually don't overthink things. Their fears or hesitations are more visceral.

Either way you start, the end result is life changing.

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