Kids Classes


Red Tiger Martial Arts offers several kids classes from ages 3 and up. All of our classes emphasize the importance of respect towards elders in a family oriented setting. We look forward to having you join our family!

Tiger Tots - 3 to 4 years old


Our youngest group starting at age 3.  A great start for your child to begin to learn gross motor skills, following directions and self control. Our instructors help teach your child the basic skills of Taekwondo in addition to respect, focus and listening skills to help prepare them to succeed in kindergarten.


Cubs - Basic


Our beginner's class for school age children will teach them the basics of Taekwondo and self defense. In these classes, your child will learn to speak up and defend themselves. Respect, self control, focus and discipline are taught in a fun and positive environment. 


Tiger - Intermediate


At this level, more will be expected of each student. Here they will learn their poomse (forms), nunchucks and sparring techniques. As a Tiger club member, students are considered seniors to the Cubs Club members and will begin leadership training. 


Red Tiger - Advanced

This is our black belt level. Here students will continue their study and also expand their Taekwondo knowledge - including weapons, sparring and forms. Students at this level are the elite of Red Tiger Martial Arts and will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills to assist them in their daily activities. 




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