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What are the Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?

School starts in just a few weeks and many parents are wondering how martial arts classes can help their child succeed. I read a great article at, written by Lisa Maloney titled, "What are the Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids". You can read the full article here:

Here are some key points from her eye opening article:

"Martial Arts Promote Resilience"

Referencing the famous movie, "The Karate Kid," the iconic storyline shows how the main character builds resilience by training with a martial artist to be able to stand up to the bully. She states how "Researchers found that the martial arts intervention had a significant effect on the study subjects' overall resilience and on their academic, social and emotional self-efficacy — improving their ability to cope with the effects of bullying."

"A Source of Superpowers?"

As a child, I was not very athletic. When I was introduced to taekwondo, my instructor helped to break down movements so that I was able to complete the forms or kicks. Taekwondo is an individual sport so there is never pressure to score one for the team. This was so important because it gave me the ability to advance at my own pace. The confidence your child will feel by accomplishing these superhero/video game moves builds confidence and will carry over to their school work- "parents can verify anecdotal evidence that the discipline, focus and respectful behavior cultivated by a diligent martial arts practice transfer well to other areas of life, too — which is pretty powerful itself."

"Kicking Toward a Healthy Weight"

Taekwondo is a great cardio activity that burns calories while learning a practical skill and having fun! The use of high energy drills and using the full body creates a functional physique. Students learn coordination, build strength, become faster, and flexible.

"If your child practices three times a week and eats an appropriate diet, that works out to burning a little more than 2 pounds of body fat per month."

Also introducing an activity that your child loves at a young age helps and encourages them to a long term healthy lifestyle.

Make sure your child is set up for success by giving them the tools they need- Confidence, Respect, Discipline and Humility.

Full article at :

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