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These three simple words are powerful. As a martial artist and school owner, these three words have made a difference not only in my life but in many of our students, young and old.

In my journey to black belt, overcoming personal fears and doubts have made many things possible for me as a business owner and parent. I have seen this also happen for many of our students. The first time a student breaks a board or wins at a competition or being able to memorize their poomsae is a tremendous confidence builder and teaches us that with consistent belief from our instructors and in ourselves, we are able to accomplish anything we put our mind to.

Once we have that belief (sometimes only from our instructors) we start to begin our journey. Just having someone believe in you, is empowering. Not only in our younger students but our adult students as well. This confidence that is built carries over to school and work. Things you thought were too hard or difficult are able to be handled.

It is not an easy journey, as anyone who has gotten a black belt knows. There are times when you think about quitting or giving up. But it is important to remember that a black belt is just a white belt that never quit. :)

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