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How to Motivate your Child

As we are ending the year, some of you may have noticed our children are losing steam :) It's hard to self-motivate, even if the activity is fun! Here are some tips on how to help you get your kids moving when they lack motivation.

Tip #1:

Take notice of what your child is doing at the moment. If your child is engaged in an activity like playing or watching a video, most likely you will be in for a fight. Instead about 10-15 minutes before you need to leave, have your child participate in a chore or a task that isn't quite fun.

Tip #2:

Be aware of your own emotions. If you are in a rush and feeling stressed, aggravated or frustrated your child will quickly pick up on the non-verbal ques and reflect it back to you. I know it's hard, but try to be positive and upbeat when asking your child to get ready for school or classes. Maybe put on some fun music to get both of you in the mood :)

Tip #3

Pay attention to how you respond to your child's overall performance after picking up from school or classes. If you are expecting a bad report or focus on the imperfections, those negative comments will carry over. Always follow up a constructive criticism with a positive note.

Tip #4

Communicate with your team. It definitely takes a village to raise a well adjusted child. Here at Red Tiger Martial Arts, our instructors and staff are here to help support the parent in helping your child make better choices. Keep your team informed of any changes or struggles your child may be having so they can help support you.

Tip #5

Reward you child. Remember, children's brains are continously growing until the age of 25. Positive stimulation and experiences are the most beneficial to a growing brain. So try preframing the behavior you would like by setting an attainable, age approprate goal. For instance, asking a 5 year old to be focused for 30 minutes straight isn't plausible. Asking them to say , "Yes Sir!" nice and loud is a more concrete goal that they can achieve. If they do attain the goal, allow them to choose the dessert for the night or a few extra minutes earned on a tablet.

I'm sure you've probably heard these tips before, but we all get caught up in the chaos of the daily grind and we could always use reminders :)

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