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Social Development During Covid-19

For the past two months, we have been asked to socially distance ourselves from others in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. We’ve put most of our “normal” daily living routines on pause and created a secluded environment for ourselves and our children. And while many things are in a holding pattern, one thing that has not taken a break is children’s development. And yes, we are living in unprecedented times but as the world begins the “re-opening” effort, we must prepare ourselves and our children for what our social lives will look like moving forward.

Be prepared that the younger the child, the likelihood that they might not jump right back into things . It will take some time and their social skills will have to be nurtured.

Patience and grace are needed and guidance. I believe in telling children the truth but editing depending on their age.

We here at Red Tiger are here for you, not only as a martial arts school to help develop your child’s character but also as a support group for all parents as we move forward.

Stay healthy and safe!

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