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Benefits of Competition

Why should I or have my kids compete? I come across this question often. 

I’ll let you know why I have my kids compete. Number one, it’s not about winning. Sure if the get first place that’s great, I’m not gonna lie. But if they don’t, I tell them that’s not a reason to quit. 

I want them to learn that even if you fail, you learn from your mistake and you move on. Also if you don’t prepare, you probably won’t perform well. Once they’re in the ring, it’s all about them. No matter how much I may want to help them, I can’t. 

I also want them to learn to deal with the nerves. It’s ok to get nervous and even fearful, but how they approach and handle the nerves is more important than a gold medal.

Also competition will bring out their best effort. It will push them to be better. There will always be someone who is better than them and I want them to strive and set goals to improve on themselves. 

My girls have been competing since they started. Sure there are times when they don’t want to. That’s normal. But as their parent I want them to learn these skills. 

There ate many more benefits to competitive sports. Here is a link to a great article Benefits of competition

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