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Do Martial Arts make your child Violent?

Occasionally I will be asked this question from a concerned parent that might have a child that is already showing rambunctious behavior. It is a legitimate question, especially since media will cater to fears. But a true martial artist and legitimate school will let you know that quite the opposite is true. Martial Arts is about SELF CONTROL.

Children can be overwhelmed with emotions and often do not know what to do with this extra energy. In our classes we have the students practice self control in many ways. As they learn to sit still, or control where they kick on a target or how hard to kick, they begin to learn that they are in control of their actions.

Sparring is an amazing tool in SELF CONTROL. I know it can be scary looking to many parents, but this is where true self control will be exercised. Becoming angry while sparring will and can happen, but the student quickly learns that anger only hurts themselves as they cannot think clearly therefore unable to dodge or block their opponent.

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