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martial arts in sarasota
Taekwondo in Sarasota


with our Confidence Building Program!

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the way of my life

It's more than just kicking and punching!
At Red Tiger Martial Arts in Sarasota, your child will learn life skills they will continue to use throughout their life.  They gain leadership qualities, self-confidence, self-discipline, physical fitness, and mental focus in all of our programs
through taekwondo and the martial arts way of life.


Red Tiger Martial Arts offers Traditional Taekwondo for Children, Teens & Adults in Sarasota
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Welcome to Red Tiger Martial Arts !

Welcome to Red Tiger Martial Arts! Our Taekwondo school offers classes for students of all ages and skill levels, taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping students achieve their goals. From the moment you join, you and your child will feel welcome because our students are like family!


At Red Tiger Martial Arts, we CARE! Our goal is to build happier, healthier and confident students! All of our programs are exciting, fun and engaging to help support your child’s success!

Tae Kwon Do

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Here at Red Tiger Martial Arts in Sarasota, we believe that every child has the potential to be extraordinary, and we are dedicated to assisting them in realizing that potential. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Better behavior:  Children learn self-control and discipline through martial arts. They learn to control their emotions and consider their actions carefully. This leads to better behavior at home and at school.

  • Higher grades Children who practice martial arts find it easier to focus and concentrate. They develop the ability to maintain attention on the task at hand, which can help them raise their grades in school.

  • A renewed sense of Confidence:  Children who practice martial arts gain self-confidence. They discover that they can overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals. This can give them a greater sense of confidence in all aspects of their lives.


Martial arts is an excellent choice if you're searching for a program to help your child with their behavior, grades, and confidence. Children may achieve their full potential with the aid of our program, and we are committed to give them the resources they require to do so.

After School 

Our After School  program is perfect for parents who want their kids to stay active and engaged after the school day is over. We provide an active and educational experience for your child in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment.

Our students learn valuable life skills such as respect, confidence, leadership, mental focus and so much more. Parents and teachers report on how their child has improved at school and at home, including better grades and being more confident!


We provide services to the following schools in Sarasota county: Ashton Elementary, Fruitville Elementary, Gulf Gate Elementary, Imagine Palmer Ranch, Lakeview Elementary, Suncoast Academy, Tatum Ridge Elementary, Sarasota Middle School, and Pineview.


Our children are taught to excel in whatever they do. In addition to learning martial arts, it's about being the best they can be an reaching their full potential.

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Summer and Day Camps

summer camps sarasota

We offer Summer Camps and Day Camps that provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment for kids to learn and grow. Our camps follow the Sarasota County School calendar, so we have you covered for the days the kids are out of school!

Our Summer Camp program is designed to keep kids active and engaged during the summer months, while also providing a fun and educational experience. During camp days, campers will have the opportunity to participate in taekwondo classes, fitness and team activities, arts and crafts and STEM. Our summer camp staff is committed to making your child feel welcome and give them the opportunity to set and achieve goals and make new friends!

Whether it's Summer, Spring Break, Winter Break or professional days, our campers will stay active and healthy and have FUN!

Because our campers are like family, you and your child will feel at home the moment you arrive! We put a lot of emphasis on your kid succeeding in school, sports, and life! While other local summer camps merely "babysit" their pupils all day, we will encourage and motivate your child to be the BEST possible version of himself or herself.

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Red Tiger is a great place, my son has been going there for about 18 months now. The sportsmanship, family atmosphere is wonderful and you feel like part of a family. Great instructors and a fantastic team!!

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