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Martial Arts and Good Grades

Many of you may be thinking how can martial arts help with good grades. Most believe that an extracurricular activity takes time away from your child's studies. In reality, the benefits of martial arts goes hand in hand with doing well in school.

One thing I have noticed with my own children is that the discipline martial arts teaches has been a large part to their academic success. Learning to balance trainings and school has taught them time management at an early age. They are now able to get things done quickly and efficiently. They have learned to focus their time and energy to the task at hand.

Another benefit I've noticed is their ability to focus on their studies. They have the stamina, both physically and mentally. I remember being their age and not being able to focus and read and absorb my school lessons. Usually I would end up falling asleep in the middle of my "studying". I can definitely say my kids are not like me at that age :) (thank goodness!)

As my kids went to middle and high school, their taekwondo training has been a great stress reliever for them also. My oldest, who is on her way to college, now sees the benefits of being able to go to class and come out refreshed on a stressful school day. She then has the energy to be focused and study or finish her homework . At her age, I would come home and stress about studying or drama at school, then spend a few hours trying to study, only to end up daydreaming at least half of the time!

There have definitely been ups and downs in their journey. Nothing worth having is a smooth road. But now that I am a mother of a soon to be college student, I have been able to see the benefits of her trainings.

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