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How to Maintain some Normalcy

All of us are stepping into unknown terrirtories these days. No one can predict the future and our kids need us more than ever.

Kids have a sixth sense. Even the youngest can sense things aren't normal. They may not know exactly what's happening, but they sense our stress, anxiety and uncertainty. There's not much we can do to change what is happening in the world today, but what we can do is change our response.

Children need routine and structure. (Do I dare say we all thrive in routine and structure?) When we know what is coming, there is a sense of calm. This is why school is great for kids because they have a routine. They may not know the exact time of things, but they know lunch may come after recess, etc.

Which brings me to what you can do at home during these uncertain times. I know alot of us are watching the news, waiting to see if we have a job tomorrow or if we will be on quaratine at a moment's notice. I suggest keep a routine. Don't let the kids sleep until 11 or have no bedtime. Have them wake up at 7 or 8 and start activities at 9. If they are used to afterschool activities, have them practice their sport, dance, gymnastics or martial arts. Here at Red Tiger Martial Arts, we have started an Online Training Program and many schools are doing the same. This way your kids can still keep a sense of normalcy and do the things they enjoy doing. They need a physical outlet and structure.

Also, the younger your child is, the more important routine and structure will be. You don't have to be super strict about your routine, but at least have a general guideline. Life always throws the unpredictable and we adapt. Both structure and adaptation are important life skills.

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