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Instant Gratification

Recently I saw a post on Facebook about how the younger generation is conditioned to expect instant gratification.

Today we all have a phone with apps, even our kids as young as elementary school. I'm guilty of it. It's become normal. It definitely makes life convenient. But for our kids, teens and young adults, this generation is growing up without knowing patience or understanding the satisfaction from hard work.

Each time you get a "Like" or Comment on a post, dopamine ( the feel-good chemical) is released in your brain. Dopamine is the same chemical released when you fall in love or when taking drugs. It becomes addictive.

We are now seeing the problems this causes for the millennial generation because they don't know how to have relationships or job satisfaction. They want results immediately and don't have the patience to endure through the tough times to achieve a goal.

Obviously this is a generalization but it is a real concern. I always tell my kids I want them to fail. What?! That's right, I want my kids to fail. Why? Because the only way they will know success and the satisfaction of working through something difficult is if they fail.

For me, martial arts is the best way for them to fail but also to learn success. With any competition, testing, board breaking there is a chance to fail and fail miserably. But that's ok. As long as they get back up and finish what they started, they learn that failure is just a step on the road to success.

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