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Get Fit with Martial Arts

It's that time of year again! We are all reviewing this past year and getting ready to make new resolutions for 2017. Is one of yours to GET FIT?

Have you done the gym membership but still have this on your to do list? You're not alone. Most people get pumped at the beginning of the year and are pretty good for a month, but then slip back into their old habits. I know for myself going to the gym just got boring. Once I found taekwondo, the excitement of learning a new skill kept me going and is still keeping me going!

If you are looking for a new way to get in shape for 2017 here are some of the ways that a martial-arts class is good for your physical health:

Working on your core: Taekwondo focuses on kicks and balance, which take a lot of power from your core and lower body. Anytime your balance is challenged, your core is involved.

Cardio: When it comes to fitness, cardio is an aspect that you can't leave out. Luckily, Taekwondo really gets your heart pumping. Think about how much harder it is to bring your leg up versus your arms. You'll likely find that your legs will feel strong after a few practices that consist of jumps and kicks.

Flexibility: This is one of the essentials of being physically fit but that many leave out. Flexibility will help to prevent injuries and keep you young! Your joints are meant to be moved and with traditional weight lifting or running, your joints are limited in their movement. Taekwondo makes you move everything :)


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