August 12, 2019

Summertime is coming to an end, and with that comes all of the back to school anxiety and jitters that are common amongst children. Your child may experience common physical effects of anxiety associated with back to school time including symptoms from stomachaches to...

August 1, 2019

Endorphins are natural chemicals produced in the body to reduce pain and boost happiness. They are most often associated with exercise since the release of these “feel-good” chemicals cause a state of euphoria and is usually known as a “runner’s high.” However, most an...

November 9, 2018

We’ve all heard this term but have you ever stopped to really think about it?

The other day I did :) maybe it was all those memes out there, but it got me thinking. Which comes first? Do you need to change your mindset first and then you will see changes in your body?...

March 13, 2018

If a child has poor social skills, it can be difficult for him or her to succeed in academic, personal and professional arenas later in life. Many children are naturally shy, and have trouble building relationships. If early attempts to make friends and create a social...

October 9, 2017

These three simple words are powerful. As a martial artist and school owner, these three words have made a difference not only in my life but in many of our students, young and old. 

In my journey to black belt, overcoming personal fears and doubts have made many t...

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February 4, 2016

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