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At Red Tiger we offer kids classes starting at the age of 3. In each class students will not only learn how to defend themselves against a predator but will also learn Confidence, Respect, Discipline and a positive attitude, all important life skills needed to become a happy, confident individual.

Red Tiger Martial Arts also recognizes the importance of teamwork and a strong, positive support group. Therefore we encourage the family to get involved by offering a variety of classes and events that will appeal to any age group and physical ability. Each student is special and unique, and we always appreciate and encourage parent involvement with their child’s martial art practice.

  1. Bullet Tiger Tots = 3-5 year olds

  2. Ask us about our 2 week trial for $39.95!! includes a free uniform! Lil’ Cubs = Beginner

  3. shapeimage_12_link_0 Lil’ Tiger = Intermediate

  4. shapeimage_12_link_1 Lil’ Red Tiger = Advanced

Ask us about our 2 week trial for $39.95!! includes a free uniform!

Teens & Adults

Red Tiger Martial Arts has a strong teen and adult program. Our classes are designed for those that are serious about martial arts or for those that just want to get in shape. In each class students will work up a sweat and at  the same time learn the skills needed to protect themselves.

After a few weeks of training, you should notice improvement in energy levels, flexibility and overall health.


Red Tiger Martial Arts provides Taekwondo & Self Defense instruction to build Confidence, Self Esteem and Character to Children and Adults.